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Whether you need weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one-time cleaning, it’s time to discover the magic of Angel Cleaning. Your home will be cleaned to your highest expectations by trained professionals at surprisingly affordable rates.

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House Cleaner OKC
We do the dirty work.

Do you dread house cleaning? Don’t like getting your hands dirty? Let our angles do the cleaning for you. Our team doesn’t mind tackling the dirt and grime so you won’t have to. For over 13 years we have provided professional house cleaning that homeowners and commercial customers rely on. Treat yourself and check house cleaning off your list! Call us at 405-921-0145 and we’ll do everything you need to have a clean home.

Our Pricing

** These prices are subject to change**

First time cleaning fees vary, the fees below are for scheduled cleanings after the first time cleaning. These prices are for Residential cleaning only, please contact us if you need pricing for a commercial location. These prices may vary slightly depending on requested services.

1800 SQ FT
1801-2200 SQ FT
2201-2600 SQ FT
2601-3000 SQ FT
3001-3400 SQ FT
3401-3800 SQ FT
3801-4200 SQ FT
4201-4600 SQ FT
4600 + SQ FT
Call for pricing

Add-on pricing


(standard cleaning services above include up to 10-15 dishes)

Refrigerator & Freezer

($30 for Refrigerator only)

Sweep porch
Windows (inside only)
$5 each

($2 each additional cost for windows over 72 inches tall)

Sweep garage

(must be empty)

Oven cleaning
Change linen/sheets
$7 each

(this includes stripping current linen/sheets and putting in washer)

Oil woodwork/cabinetry

(clean interior of cabinet for $5 each, must be empty)

Pickup & Declutter
$35 per room
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